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Ayudadefema.org is an unique interactive online fortune teller, a satirical appreciation of North American disaster aid, ethics and aesthetics. Ayudadefema.org was born when the Federal Emergency Management Agency's (FEMA) asked Puerto Ricans to apply for disaster aid through a non-spanish online portal, during a critical power and telecommunication shutdown that lasted almost a year.

Very specific to hurricane and debt ravaged Puerto Rico, Ayudadefema.org was conceived as a form of neo-resistance SPAM against decades of shameless colonialism from the United States of America.

As existence in Puerto Rico often feels like it's relying on the worst decision making mechanisms, Ayudadefema.org can now easily predict all possible things that may happen to people in Puerto Rico with incredible precision. With more that 50 bilingual replies contextualized to Puerto Rico after hurricane María, addressing issues such as governmental corruption, mismanagement, post-colonialism, petro-dependence and post-natural/human disaster reality.

Just like that, available online now.

Gabriella Torres Ferrer
Disaster Assistance (8) Ball, 2017
Unique interactive website, variable dimensions by device (input slots we're disabled due to bot infestation)